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The Middleby Marshall/CTX Kitchen of the Future (Linkedin 11/12/18) provides a continuous cooking platform. When the food comes out of the conveyor, it is perfect every time and ready to serve – whether steak, chicken or salmon. There is no over or under-cooking, just the same consistent product every time, and with impingement technology, the end product looks and tastes outstanding. Employees are not changing speeds and temperatures on the oven for different foods; it is all preset and easy to use.

Wells Modular Dry Well (Linkedin 11/9/18) Go dry, hold warm food without water! Save money and water with this exciting new product from Wells.
Southbend TruVection (Linkedin Video 10/30/18) The food service industry required a low profile, high performance convection oven design that can be used as a counter top application, stacked or range base while also allowing cook top creativity. The oven would be used in bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias and other facilities to support their demanding high-volume food production necessary for profitability. TruVection met the challenge by offering a gas convection oven with a patented high efficiency inshot burner system providing fast cold starts and rapid cavity temperature recovery.
Southbend TruVection (Linkedin Video 10/30/18) The food service industry required a low profile, high performance convection oven design that can be used as a counter top application, stacked or range base while also allowing cook top creativity. The oven would be used in bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias and other facilities to support their demanding high-volume food production necessary for profitability. TruVection met the challenge by offering a gas convection oven with a patented high efficiency inshot burner system providing fast cold starts and rapid cavity temperature recovery.
Wells Universal Ventless Systems (Linkedin Video 10/29/18) The Ventless gives you the option to use almost any commercial electric cooking equipment such as ovens, deep-fat fryers, ranges, griddles, hot plates, rethermalizers, woks, steamers, combi ovens, induction hot plates and more!
Middleby Marshall Conveyor (Linkedin 10/26/18) With the versatility of a Middleby Marshall conveyor, it may be the only piece of equipment needed in the kitchen. Convection ovens, fryers, microwaves, grills and salamanders are no longer needed. Using traditional cooking methods requires a lot of labor, time and attention to the food being cooked. Conveyor cooking eliminates labor needed to continuously watch food to keep it from burning or to rotate food during the cooking process.
Carter-Hoffmann TenderChef (Linkedin 10/24/18) Great new product from Carter-Hoffmann, dry aging solutions for the modern chef. Send me a message to request more information.

U-Line Nugget Ice Machine Collection (Linkedin Video 10/23/18) Providing unsurpassed performance with industry exclusive features such as the highest ice production, delivering up to 90 lbs. of ice per day and a storage capacity of 30 lbs. of ice, the U-Line Nugget Ice Machine Collection is also the broadest in the industry – including models for indoor, outdoor, and ADA height compliant applications. U-Line’s U-Choose™ ice adjustability offers five levels of ice density from soft and chewable to dense and compact cylindrical cubes. Premium units in the collection include an interior water dispenser and filter and feature adjustable bright white and blue LED lighting. Select models offer a soft close door with articulating hinge. All models can be built-in or used freestanding and are available in stainless steel. Message me for more information!

Southbend Steamer (Linkedin 10/19/18) Did you know the Southbend GSX-10HE steamer has unique high output steam injectors for quick recovery and increased production? 190,000 BTU, translates to the most powerful high efficient energy gas convection Steamer in the market. All Southbend steam comes with the Best in Class Service First 24/7 warranty! Message me for more information.
Spill-Stop Pourer (Linkedin 10/18/18) A large national restaurant chain, testing the original Spill-Stop 285-50 against imported copies, concluded that the imported copies vary in pouring speed by as much as 20%, from pourer to pourer, while Spill-Stop’s poured at a reliably consistent speed. Think about it…a bartender using an imported pourer, over pouring by 20%, nets fewer drinks and fewer dollars out of every bottle. Does saving a nickel on an imported pourer still make sense?
Ventless cooking solutions by Wells (Linkedin 10/17/18) Multistory buildings, historic sites, airport kiosks, and movie theaters, not a problem! Send me a message to request more information.
Eagle Frizzell now representing Middleby Marshall, CTX & Wow (Linkedin 10/15/18) The Eagle Frizzell team is happy to announce that we have partnered with another great Middleby brand! As of October 15th, Eagle Frizzell represents Middleby Marshall, CTX, & WOW ovens in the Northern CA and Northern NV market. Send me a message to request more information!
Service First for Southbend, Star, Wells & Lang (Linkedin Video 10/12/18) We understand the necessity of having your equipment performing properly. Backed by guaranteed response times, no limiting hours for service, additional warranties and more, Service First™ offers the most comprehensive service program in the foodservice industry and will ensure your equipment is back in operation immediately! Message me to learn more about the Best in Class warranty from Southbend, Star, Wells, and Lang manufacturing.
Southbend Convection Ovens (Linkedin Video 10/12/18) At Southbend, we pride ourselves on being experts in the food service industry. We know how our customers work and what equipment works for them. Our convection ovens have all the features a busy kitchen needs from the inside out. The overall measure of any oven is the evenness of cooking. Our convection oven features soft heat mixing zone technology that allows hot air to be mixed with cooler air to produce tempered air, ensuring even baking and cooking. Our G-Series now come standard with the NRG fuel saving system. NRG is a system that saves 35-50% in operational cost by use of a patented damping system. Message me for more information!
Master-Bilt Walkin Coolers, Freezers & Combos (Linkedin Video 10/11/18) From a minimum 24 sq. ft. size to the more elaborate 10,000 sq. ft. warehouses, Master-Bilt walk-in coolers, freezers and combos provide the right amount of temperature-controlled space.
Southbend Upright Broiler (Linkedin Video 10/10/18) Southbend Magic Ray Infra-Red Broilers combine speed, efficiency and output in a broiler that just won’t quit. Intense infra-red energy quickly penetrates meat, locking in natural juices and reducing broiling time as much as 50%. Broil in half the time with 1/3 less gas for fuel savings up to 66% over ordinary broilers. Don’t forget all Southbend broilers come with a best in class 24/7 warranty. Message me for more information or visit our website!
Carter-Hoffmann Holding Cabinet Chart (Linkedin 10/5/18) If you need a holding cabinet, which one? Carter-Hoffmann offers the largest line of holding cabinets, from basic budget-friendly, to cabinets with all the bells and whistles… and everything in-between. The choice is yours! Message me for more information or visit our website.
Southbend Ultimate Range (Linkedin Video 10/4/18) is 100% made in the USA! Available in 5 sizes and over 1200 configurations, the Ultimate Range is manufactured with an unprecedented fully stainless steel burner box. Higher BTU’s and High Efficiency Snap Action Thermostat make it easy to handle any specific cooking and baking needs. Message me for more information!
Southbend Platinum Sectional Series (Linkedin Video 10/03/18) Southbend sectional batteries are designed to withstand the rigors of high-volume restaurants, hotel kitchens, and institutional kitchens. Heavy duty ranges, griddles, planchas, charbroilers, stock pot ranges, fryers, and broilers can be combined for a 100% custom line-up to fit the needs of any high-volume operation. Best in class warranty, with all stainless steel construction. Message me for more information! Warranty • 3-Year Warranty on Operational Parts • 3-Year Labor 24-7 Warranty • Lifetime warranty on burners against clogging
Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef (Linkedin 10/02/18) Grow herbs, microgreens and vegetables 365 days a year. You control the freshly harvested supply of greens for your menu and it shows your commitment to sustainable and locally grown ingredients! Message me for more details.
Wells Dual temperature Hot & Refrigerated Cold Pan (Linkedin 9/25/18) are two units in one: from a heated Bain Marie to a refrigerated cold pan with the flip of a switch.
Carter-Hoffmann Crisp N’ Hold (Linkedin 9/27/18) Improve holding time and quality of French fries, crispy chicken nuggets, poppers, fried shrimp and more without heat lamps! The Carter-Hoffmann Crisp N’ Hold gentle hot air circulation over and through the product eliminates excess steam generated from the product after cooking. Crispiness is maintained and the product stays hot and ready to serve—up to four times longer! Message me for more information.
Wells Modular Dry Well (Linkedin 9/21/18) Go dry, hold warm food without water! Save money and water with this exciting new product from Wells. Send me a message to request more information.
Endless glass door merchandisers from Master-Bilt (Linkedin Video 9/18/18). With a bottom mounted coil & 30-inch wide doors, this translates to an additional 200+ square inches of viewing area per door! Message me for more information.
Southbend 24/7 warranty on your Steam equipment (Linkedin 9/13/18) Southbend has the answer! Ideal for commercial & institutional operations of all sizes. Southbend offers gas fired and electric version in both manual tilt or electric tilt. Our braising pans can come on a stand base, cabinet base, pedestal base, can be wall mounted or counter top mounted. Message me for more information.
Doyon DL series dough sheeters (Linkedin 9/13/18) are an efficient way to sheet up to 450 pieces per hour. Message me for more information on this great product from Doyon! With a front infeed and discharge, you can sheet dough up to 12” (DL12SP & DL12DP) or 17” (DL18SP, DL18P & DL18DP) in just two easy steps.
Holman Ultra-Max gas oven (Linkedin 9/12/18) is designed for a variety of foodservice operations, and uses hot air under pressure to deliver unmatched performance and speed. Air impingement seals in moisture and flavor providing superior food quality while the airflow it provides more even baking than traditional ovens resulting in more consistency from throughout the entire business day.
Doyon PIZ series (Linkedin 9/11/18) is designed like no other on the market. Our exclusive Jet Air baking technology is a reversing fan system that helps to bake more evenly. It has 3 individual drop down doors. The 3 perforated nickel plated decks are designed for fast heat accumulation as well as even heat distribution across the decks. The heat provided from the nickel coated perforated deck makes a nice even crust due to the air moving through the perforated holes and from the heat of the metal deck itself. Better known for baking pizzas, it can also be used to bake and cook multiple products. Message me for more information.
Under one group president, Southbend and Star have partnered (Linkedin 9/7/18)  together to serve their customers better, while also evolving with a competitive industry. Learn more here:
Master-Bilt parallel rack refrigeration systems (Linkedin 9/7/18) can help save money for your operation! Remoting all refrigerated equipment in an establishment, including reach-ins, walk-ins and ice machines, to a single parallel system, removes the heat produced by multiple refrigeration units inside a kitchen or store and reduces air conditioning load and energy bills. A remote system also reduces noise level and service calls and extends the life of equipment. Message me for more information!
New Gridless Banquet Cart from Carter-Hoffmann! (Linkedin 9/5/18) Now you can take your service anywhere! This banquet cart has the latest in transporting technology. It will operate on AC electric or DC battery power. Onboard batteries operate the heating element, fan and controls, keeping the cabinet truly warm for holding, just like operation on AC electric power. Simply charge and go! Message me for more information!
Marvel Beer Dispensers (Linkedin 9/4/18) No other kegerator offers the versatility of Marvel Beer Dispensers. With as many as 4-in-1 storage configurations, it’s the only beer dispenser that can store a half keg, multiple barrel sizes and also convert to refrigeration storage. The double-insulated tower ensures the perfect pour and an integrated drain controls spills. Discover why cicerones, home brewers and beer enthusiasts alike consider Marvel the finest beer dispenser. Message me for more information!
Why Wells Ventless (Linkedin 8/31/18) Wells Canopy Style Hoods are Certified Type-1 compliant, UL710B approved recirculation hood systems and feature completely self-contained air filtration system. Canopy-style hoods are available with or without completely self-contained fire suppression systems. They do not require venting outside making it possible to cook in non-traditional locations or when traditional Type-1 hoods and duct-work are impractical, restricted or too expensive.
Southbend Braising Pan (Linkedin video 8/29/18) is the most versatile unit in a kitchen, it can roast, fry, braise, boil, simmer, thaw, sauté, grill, warm, steam, proof, hold and serve practically any menu item. Message me for more information on the Southbend braising pan!
Explore Master-Bilt’s Many Advantages (Linkedin 8/28/18) Tired of waiting days or weeks for a walk-in quote? Call Eagle Frizzell, we will turn around your walk-in quote same day! Ask about our quick-ship free freight options available from Master-Bilt! Message me for more information.
Lang Chef Series Ovens (Linkedin 8/27/18) Tired of rotating pans? Looking for larger capacity? Lang has the answer! Designed to perform under the toughest conditions, Lang Chef Series Ovens improve baking performance! Energy Star rated with a three-year parts warranty. Message me for more information!
Doyon/Nu-VU Oven/Proofer, Display & Warmer, Dough Sheeter, Pizza Oven and Storage (Linkedin 8/24/18) Looking for a product that is solid, dependable and affordable for your convenience store? Think Doyon/NU-VU. Together our product lines work hand-in-hand for all your needs.
Southbend Heavy Duty Platinum Series (Linkedin 8/23/18) has options, 32” or 36” heavy duty ranges are available in the Southbend Platinum series! The industry best “Service First”plan comes standard on all Southbend Platinum Series ranges. Message me for more information.
Star’s Sandwich Grills Buying Guide (Linkedin 8/22/18) It’s easier than ever to expand your menu and create hot custom sandwiches with the fresh, healthy ingredients your customers demand. Bake, grill or toast — you’ll find Star’s sandwich grills and Holman conveyor ovens are the perfect solution for today’s sandwich menus. Message me for more information
Southbend K-12 Convection Ovens (Linkedin 8/17/18) – Attention Food Service Directors, the Southbend K- Series Oven is specifically designed for school food service. Lowest height in the industry to make it safer and easier for staff to reach the top deck. Energy Star rated models available in both gas and electric. This unit comes with a three-year Southbend Service First warranty including 24/7 service and 6-hour response!
Wells Canopy Style Ventless Hoods (Linkedin 8/15/18) have a completely self-contained, 4-stage filtration system. They may be mounted on a wall or ceiling which adds even more flexibility for installation solutions. Message me for more information!
Carter-Hoffmann EnduraHeat (Linkedin 8/14/18) unique heat retention system allows you the flexibility to transport food anywhere and not have to worry where you’ll find the next electrical outlet or spend money on chafing fuel. Just charge the heating system, load your pans, unplug and go! EnduraHeat will radiate warmth throughout the cabinet for two hours and keep your food at serving temperature. Message me for more information!
Star Ultra-Max char-broilers, griddles and hot plates (Linkedin 8/13/18) Designed to stand up to the demands of constant use, high-volume operations and repeated heat up and cool down cycles. Star Ultra-Max products come with a 3-year warranty. Message me for more information
Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef (video) – a cabinet for growing micro greens and herbs. It has a completely programmable system for lighting, watering, pH monitoring as well as a seed menu. It is suitable for restaurants, schools, colleges, B&I and more! Grow your own greens and customize your menu!
Carter-Hoffmann TenderChef (Linkedin) is an affordable dry-aging fridge that you can put right in your restaurant or kitchen. It uses the latest technology to produce the ideal climate to achieve old world results. Message me to learn more about this exciting new product from Carter-Hoffmann!
Doyon Seriously Great Baking Solutions (videos) – from Doyon’s website, view videos on Bakery Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Planetary Mixers, Spiral Mixers, Dough Sheeters, Dough Dividers, Dough Rounders, Bread Slicers and Water Meters.
Carter-Hoffmann New Gridless Transport Carts (video) New for Carter-Hoffmann and new for the industry! Carter-Hoffmann presents the only battery operated holding cabinet to the foodservice industry. It runs in full function from 4 to 6 hours, unplugged.
Southbend TruVection (Linkedin 8/9/18) Looking for a True Convection oven in your cook line? Southbend has the answer with Truvection! Message me for more information.
Southbend Ultimate & S Series Ranges (Linkedin 8/7/18) Southbend has the range that will meet your need and budget! With five sizes and hundreds of combinations the Ultimate range has the features and durability needed for any foodservice operation. The Southbend S-Series range is available in four different sizes and can meet the need of any budget. Message me for more information!
Southbend Ultimate Range (Linkedin 8/7/18)- The Ultimate Range, is the Toughest Commercial Range in the Industry!!! Southbend Ranges are Engineered to Perform and Built to Last. We have a reputation for consistency and durability, even in the busiest of kitchens. Message me for more information!
Master-Bilt Product and Service Videos are available on Master-Bilt’s website.  Product videos include Open Air Merchandisers, Fusion Series Glass Door Merchandisers, Rack Refrigeration System Webinar, Glycol Rack Refrigeration System, Glycol Parallel Rack Kitchen Innovations, Fusion Series Undercounters and Endless Glass Merchandisers.