• New Gridless Transport Carts – New for Carter-Hoffmann and new for the industry! Carter-Hoffmann presents the only battery operated holding cabinet to the foodservice industry. It runs in full function from 4 to 6 hours, unplugged.
  •  GardenChef – a cabinet for growing micro greens and herbs. It has a completely programmable system for lighting, watering, pH monitoring as well as a seed menu. It is suitable for restaurants, schools, colleges, B&I and more! Grow your own greens and customize your menu!
  • TenderChef is an affordable dry-aging fridge that you can put right in your restaurant or kitchen. It uses the latest technology to produce the ideal climate to achieve old world results. Message me to learn more about this exciting new product from Carter-Hoffmann!


  • Seriously Great Baking Solutions Videos – from Doyon’s website, view videos on Bakery Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Planetary Mixers, Spiral Mixers, Dough Sheeters, Dough Dividers, Dough Rounders, Bread Slicers and Water Meters.


Proc-X (Firex)

  • FIREX Pro Braising Pans – Braise, boil and fry all in one, the future has arrived! The versatile design of the Firex Braising pans allows you to take control of your products and cook in different modes, resulting in consistent results. Message me for more details!


  • Ultimate Range – The Ultimate Range, is the Toughest Commercial Range in the Industry!!! Southbend Ranges are Engineered to Perform and Built to Last. We have a reputation for consistency and durability, even in the busiest of kitchens. Message me for more information!


  • Impingement Conveyor Toaster – Check out this Kitchen Innovation winner from Star Manufacturing! The IRCS4 toaster is designed for toasting a variety of bread and bakery goods, as well as having the ability to function as a broiler, cheesemelter, and booster. It uses both radiant and impingement heating providing quick and accurate results. The dual conveyor belt drive utilizes a stepper motor driven system. The speed and heating are electronically controlled and can be independently adjusted as well as programmed to the user’s needs. Send me a message for more information.


  • Induction Ranges – Wells countertop induction ranges are designed to be a compact and powerful solution for any type of operation. Induction cooking means faster, hotter cooking with a cooler workspace and quicker cleanup. Compact design saves counter space and allows for maximum portability and efficiency.
  • Universal Ventless Hoods – Wells Universal hoods are Certified Type-1 compliant, ANSI UL710B approved recirculation hood systems and feature completely self-contained 4 stage air filtration and fire suppression systems. They do not require venting outside making it possible to cook in non-traditional locations or when traditional Type-1 hoods and duct-work are impractical, restricted or too expensive. Operators can mix and match various electric cooking equipment under the hood such as fryers, ovens, griddles, steamers and more – providing greater flexibility and production.